Friday, July 25, 2008

Pack of Nabs

We all know what the Best Of All Hed Verbs is over at the Fair-n-Balanced Network, right?
Police nab man claiming to be Christ
Cops nab caped foot fetishist in NYC
Robbery victim, 71, and friend in wheelchair nab suspect
Candy wrappers help police nab suspects
Chocolate breath odor helps officer nab shoplifting suspect

... and we could go on and on, as Fox surely will before the day is out. So when we see three of the things on the opening page of the Foremost Newspaper of the Carolinas, what are we supposed to think?

Checkpoint near uptown nabs 12 for DWI
CMPD re-nab robbery suspect
Tips help nab burglary suspects

"Re-nab" is outstanding, as is the British reading of "CMPD" as plural. (That is the sophisticated European touch and not a simple blunder, right?) But overall -- a hat trick of tabloidization on the front page? We look from Fox to news and from news to Fox, and it's getting increasingly hard to tell the difference.


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