Friday, May 02, 2008

I thought it said 'fish'

Genuinely bizarre Hooked-On-Phonics-Apparently-Didn't-Work-For-You story of the day:

WCCO-TV morning show anchor Bill Hudson apologized Thursday about stumbling over the word "neighborhood" and instead saying the N-word.

Can we make the poor guy's situation any worse? Well ...

Scott Libin, WCCO-TV's news director, said, "If you think about the word 'neighborhood,' three out of the four first letters are unfortunately shared with that word I will not repeat. You know what, human beings occasionally stumble on their words."

Yep. We've all stumbled, and we can only hope that we never do it so thoroughly. (Of course, the word "night" shares all three of its first three letters with Voldemort that word the news director won't repeat, and there's nothing either fortunate or unfortunate about that.) But we seem to have a sort of disconnect between "letters" and "sounds" here. Unless you have a vision of the Founding Dads prancing around Philadelphia in their powdered weighs, that is.

Let the poor dude make his apologies and slink away. Try not to compound it, all right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the talking head was reading off a 'prompter (turning letters into sounds) and not speaking off the top of his head, the same-letters argument may be valid.

Your final point stands, though.

11:40 PM, May 07, 2008  
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