Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Duke Energy Corp. chief executive Jim Rogers has proposed a national use tax on every kilowatt of electricity sold across the nation. It would pay for a massive federal clean-energy research project, such as burning coal more cleanly and inventing a better light bulb.

... "It's one of those catch-22s. If I pay for it now, then there's the potential that I won't have to pay more later. I think we're at a state when everything's changing. I think the society we live in now is going to be different than this in 10 years."

No it isn't. "One of those Catch-22s" would be -- oh, if CEOs could avoid being sentenced to the reeducation camps by admitting they're Part of the Problem, but any CEO who admits to being Part of the Problem is automatically sent to the reeducation camps. What this guy has suggested is "investment in research." Not the same thing at all.

The lesson for editors? The paragraph is just sitting there, in isolation, no attribution. (Wouldn't it be nice to see four uninterrupted complete sentences from a candidate in day-to-day political coverage, though?) What would you lose by just deleting the first sentence?


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