Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Photos upcoming

Yet another installment in that never-ending series "Why real news outlets edit AP copy before publishing it." This example's from the Miami Herald, but several dozen other sites evidently haven't touched the original prose either:

The prohibition is traced to the roots of the holiday, which marks when God sent an angel to kill first-born Egyptian sons, but spared the houses of the Israelites. Soon after, Pharaoh freed the Jews, who fled in such a hurry that the dough they took didn't have enough time to rise.
(Eds: AP photos SN201, Red Sea parting; SN202, waters closing over hapless Egyptians; WX101, file mug of angel.)

Dear AP: If you weren't actually there to witness the divine intervention yourself, should you oblige your readers with a little attribution?

OK, maybe that's a little harsh on the AP. Maybe the AP is distracted temporarily by other developments:
An Iraqi judicial committee has dismissed terrorism-related allegations against Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein and ordered him released nearly two years after he was detained by the U.S. military.

Wonder how many papers we'll see that in Thursday morning?


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