Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bizarre double modal of the month

Not incidentally, Granholm has a lieutenant governor, John Cherry, who could increase the odds of the governor's seat remaining in Democratic Party control, should he could run in 2010.

Nope. This one doesn't occur in real life. ("You gonna run?" "Well, I should could.") Somebody downtown done left a scalpel in the patient again.

Now, if you want, you can return to the logic of the sentence: A Democrat can increase the party's chances of keeping the manse in Democratic control, could should he run! And why is all this speculation about whether tonight's address will be the governor's last leading the local front? Well, because ...

Speculation that Granholm might pull up stakes after 2008 and join a Hillary Clinton administration in Washington, D.C.,* has intensified in recent months as the presidential campaign season enters the late stages and Granholm nears the halfway point in her second and final term as governor.

Are we panicking yet? Well ...
First, Clinton hasn't won her party's nomination much less the general election, Ferguson said last week.

She hasn't??? While we got this guy on the line, let's ask him if water still goes downhill!

Enough of that. Amusing speculation doth not a lede story make. And should someone outranking you say it doth too, at least clean up the writing a little.

* That's as opposed to a Hillary Clinton administration in Washington, N.C., where the writer might could have heard real-life multiple modals.


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