Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday news: By the numbers

All the other kids are doing it, so -- have some Sunday Freep By The Numbers!

Number of sports cutlines using the verb "celebrate"

Words into Mitch Albom's lede (the one in sports; he has two on Sundays) you have to dig before finding an antecedent for the subject of the first sentence.

Days in a row a major international disaster has been covered with standalone
art (or "lines only," if you needed some new insider vocabulary).

For the record:

Blackhawks' Patrick Sharp, right, celebrates one of his three goals in the third period on Saturday. (3D, and sharp-eyed readers are right: Anarthrous "Blackhawks" here is standard in British Sports English, but not in American)

Jenison players celebrate a point against Birmingham Marian during the Class A Volleyball Finals at Kellogg Arena on Saturday. (5D)

Ohio State players celebrate with their fans o the Michigan Stadium field after the Buckeyes' 14-3 win over Michigan on Saturday. (3E)

MSU receiver Devin Thomas (5) celebrates his 26-yard touchdown pass with QB Brian Hoyer on Saturday (6E).

Michigan State safety Nehemiah Warrick celebrates the Spartans' 35-31 victory with the fans at Spartan Stadium on Saturday (7E).

A Gatorade-soaked coach Mark Dantonio celebrates Michigan State's comeback win Saturday against Penn State (8E).

Six in a day is just ... Gehrigesque. Ruthian. DiMaggioid. Angels dine at the Ritzy.



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