Saturday, October 20, 2007

Random nouns and adjectives

Hard to imagine missing the ball much more completely than this:

"Accidental" B-52 flight? Somebody left the keys in the thing and it started itself? Grandma fell asleep on the sofa and 6-year-old grandson flew it to downtown Minot for some Burger King? Two lovable comic hoboes think they've hitched a ride on the slow freight to Little Rock and wake up to find themselves at the initial point of a bombing run over Moscow? Somehow, one is inclined to think this was a very deliberate flight of a B-52, off the wings of which somebody accidentally left a bunch of nuclear warheads dangling.

Try to glue the modifiers onto the right parts in the future. And try to get some hint in the hed of why people might be interested in the story.


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