Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out cutlasses and board up

Ar ar ar! Some lubber be overlooking the Basic Rule of Grammar again! Which it's to look up the wiring diagram before you be putting your nouns and verbs and modifiers together.

The trouble with this hed is the illegal truncation. The homes haven't been "boarded." We didn't fire a shot across their bow and order them to heave to while we searched them for contraband. We didn't provide them with daily meals while they studied amid the dreaming spires. What they are is "boarded up":

7. a. trans. To cover or furnish with boards. to board over: to cover with boarding. to board up: to close with boarding.

Doesn't matter what you meant to say. You don't get to invent new meanings based on your circulation size. Use the rules or the rules will use you. And the rules are like Amazon pirates: Ruthless.


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