Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Packaging to annoy the reader

Here's an especially bad bit of story selection and packaging from the cousins at The State. The editors are trying to signal that a bunch of related stuff is going on, but they can't decide what it is. And the kicker goes both ways: Is it a package about the "War on Terror" or about "White House policies in spotlight"? Declaring Iraq part of the "war on terror" is a distinct ideological choice itself, but ... the U.N.? What does that make Mr. Bolton, the war or the terror?

If the "war on terror" means this many things, it means nothing (on the other hand, maybe it now means "snow removal" too, which would be good news in these parts). Editors, when you're in a quagmire, stop quagging. If you can't package sensibly, don't package at all.


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