Monday, March 13, 2006

It's official: Christmas comes early

Or at least it can for lucky Missourian readers if this:

Big East crashes Big Dance

(1B Monday) is the last hed of 2006 to refer to the NCAA men's basketball championship as the Big Dance. Likewise, consider this a plea for a ban on "Sweet," "Elite" and all other faux-proper-noun-derived modifiers in heds and a renewal of the proscription on "celebrates," "reacts" and similar cutline verbs.

HEADSUP-L is a social-capital-minded sort of place, and its Xpesmas wishes tend to reflect that:
1) Peace on earth
2) Goodwill to men
3) No more sexist language
4) Dick Vitale tortured by orcs

We don't expect all of those to be granted. But an end to "Big Dance" would be a nice place to start.


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