Thursday, September 04, 2014

Word gazpacho at the BBC

It kind of looks and acts like a noun pile, except that so much of it isn't nouns at all. And even though it's less word salad than word gazpacho, it's probably easier to follow than a classic noun pile. Anyway, can you figure out what the BBC is getting at here?

Three men, who were arrested in May for the alleged gang rape and murder of two teenage cousins in northern India, have been freed on bail.

I think it's the possessive that throws the thing off.

Anyway, sorry to spend so much time on Empire heds of late. It's hard to avoid gazing all day at the strange unnatural beauty of Fox News's construction of the public understanding of terrorism, the Fractious Near East and BENGHAZI!!!!!!!, but somehow that all seems to need either a few thousand words or none at all.

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