Saturday, June 01, 2013

Today* in 1943: Conchies and flying verbs

One of the fun things about playing around in the archives is trying to figure out what sort of groove the slots are in -- how long it would take to start getting heds through on the first try.

"Conchies" is apparently well enough known** at the mid-1943 Globe and Mail that it doesn't have to appear in the text to be valid for the hed, but it still needs the "so-called" quotes. The flying verbs are a little tricky. There are lots of standard active and passive heds on the page:
  • Department Announces Qualifications For Commissions In Veterans Guards
  • Canada Speeds Airgraph Delivery
  • CIO Maritime Union Declares Coal Strikes Axis-Inspired
  • Cadet Units Inspected By Vice-Admiral Nelles
  • Alliston Dairy Safe Is Looted
  • New Frigate Launched For Canadian Navy
... and only one other real flyer ("Will Find Japs No Pushover, Says Halifax"), so the best rule
I can derive is: Hey, whatever gets you closest to filling the line.

The only one that really doesn't fit is the Jan Valtin hed downpage:
I'd be fine with "says" or "demands" or "pleads" for what agents do in heds like this. But the point of this story is that the attorney says Valtin ("who wrote of his intrigues as an agent of the Communists and then of the Gestapo") has been released on parole but still faces potential trouble as an undesirable alien. I'd just go with the passive: "Jan Valtin Paroled, His Attorney Reveals," but that's how newcomers get their heds kicked back.

Pesky time travel.

* OK, almost today: May 31, 1943, if you want to be precise
** You might have heard it in a Stan Rogers song; I would have gone with "conshie" based on his pronunciation.

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Anonymous Ed Latham said...

I do find flying verb heds difficult to grasp as a form: never encountered one in the wild and only ever seen them in captivity here at the HeadsUp Sanctuary. I took 'charges' here to be a noun standing for an understood passive phrase – 'There are charges that...' Jehovah's Witnesses leaders are urging young people to conscientiously object. Wouldn't the 'true' flying verb form here be 'Charged'?

4:21 AM, June 02, 2013  

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