Sunday, October 25, 2009

'The regimentation of our press'

A recently reelected FDR addresses the Gridiron dinner, December 1936:

This character Roosevelt was a villain. He combined the worst features of Ivan the Terrible, Machiavelli, Judas Iscariot, Henry VIII, Charlotte Corday and Jesse James. ... I began to believe it myself. Didn't I read it in the columns of our great papers? ...

Yet some people ... speak of the danger of the regimentation of our press. ... Suppose the government required newspapers to purchase and print some of the canned editorial features dealing with national affairs that now fill our Press! The outcries of editors here tonight would be heard around the world. Gentlemen, it needs no government to regiment the American press. Any regimenting of the American press which is present today or looms in the offing comes from regimenting of it by the press itself.

-- Betty Winfield, "FDR and the News Media." Neither Dr. Winfield nor FDR is responsible for any linkage to any canned editorial features marketed by any purportedly liberal newspapers.


Blogger John Cowan said...

Cohen doesn't belong on that list. Cohen isn't self-consistent enough to belong on any consistent list.

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