Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tin ear award of the (still-young) day

What we seem to mean is that a lot of people have watched some graphic video from Iraq in the days since ABC posted it. We end up saying something else in the bargain. A "hit" -- well, all the other dictionaries and their friends are packed, so let's ask the Oxford English Magic 8-Ball:

A successful stroke made in action or performance of any kind; esp. any popular success (a person, a play, a song, etc.) in public entertainment.

One would like to think the paper in question doesn't consider images of death (apparently both American and Iraqi, though the story's coy about what exactly is depicted) to be forms of public entertainment. But one can't tell what the paper thinks. All one can tell is what it says, and -- can we have a chorus of "Springtime for Hitler"?

(While we're at it, please be more attentive to parallel structure in the decks. "Shooting" (in this case) is a count noun, but "venting" isn't. Do make a note of it.


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