Saturday, July 01, 2006

Those anytime minutes add up

Youth doing God's work in distant lands
In a summer season of Carolinas congregations taking youth mission trips, here's one that stands out.

Point(s) the lesser: Even brand-name writers have to play by the rules. The standard plural of "youth" is "youths"; since the object of "of" is "taking youth mission trips," "congregations" needs to be possessive; and could we see some justification for the logic, pls? Youth mission trips aren't particularly new (as the lede makes abundantly clear). Is going to Malawi actually a bigger deal than, say, going to Ukraine? Or does it just seem that way because in Religion Editor World, missionaries to Africa are still at high risk of being boiled in kettles and served with cassava and a salad?

Point the greater: Newspapers are creatures of the empirical world. It is not ours to know what constitutes "God's work." If we rang Him up for comment, let's get some attribution into the hed (and a reefer to the AL East scores, the latest from the Fractious Near East, &c &c &c). If we didn't, let's keep our opinions about the righteousness of assorted summer tasks -- particularly when they involve, say, lecturing adults about abstinence -- to ourselves.


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