Thursday, January 26, 2006

Return of the stupid question

Lethal dosage still too painful?
Top court grants last-minute stay to examine options
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court said Wednesday it will hear arguments from a death-row inmate whose execution the court stayed Tuesday after he was already strapped to the gurney.

I suppose it's theoretically possible to find a more clue-deprived approach (no, just painful enough!) to this hed, but I'm not going to venture one. Part of the problem is that "lethal dosage" isn't the same thing as "lethal injection."* The 4th New World notes that the latter is particularly used for the death penalty; a "lethal dosage" could be of a prescribed medication, a recreational drug, brainless Super Bowl prose ... almost anything.

Junk or RFK mementos?

* Burn the thesaurus!


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