Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Four shirts good! Two shirts bad!

To the barricades! Retailers are besmirching the honor of the Dear Leader by ... what's your No. 4 story of the morning there, Fair 'n' Balanced Network?

Walmart has found itself on the receiving end of a torrent of outrage after it was discovered Monday that the superstore was selling anti-Trump “Impeach 45” apparel on its website.

The outcry sparked a #BoycottWalmart trend on Twitter as users expressed their distaste for the chain promoting the impeachment of President Trump, echoing some Congressional Democrats.

Clearly, the only honorable course of action is to remove the items immediately! Except ... you know, we really hate to be a pest, but what was the No. 4 story on Sunday morning?
An Australian pajama company is facing backlash after pulling a controversial shirt from its website.

Bridie Harris, a woman from Melbourne, was shopping at Peter Alexander Sleepwear when she noticed a boys' pajama top emblazoned with the phrase “Boys will be boys,” The Sydney Morning Herald reports.


So apparently the only thing worse than sparking a torrent of right-wing outrage is giving in to a customer request. Got it, Friends of the Invisible Hand!

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