Sunday, February 26, 2017

Demons are summoned by the mention of their names

A: The distance you have to go into Drudge's top story before the Kenyan usurper's name is mentioned.

Q: What is "10 paragraphs," Alex?

... The former Cabinet member earned the endorsements of several Obama administration alums, including former Vice President Joe Biden and former Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Q: But surely there's some other reason for using the evil one's picture in an article about the DNC election!

A: The penultimate graf, and stop calling me Shirley:

... Ellison enjoyed the support of the party’s upstart liberals, who saw his candidacy as a way to snatch a victory from November’s presidential defeat. Perez, who was on Clinton’s short list for vice president, was backed most strongly by Democratic stalwarts in the Obama and Clinton camps.

This isn't just another Drudge headscratcher. Here's the top Fair 'n' Balanced story from midday Saturday:

And, should you have missed it, from Feb. 6:

Drudge again, with an iconic image beloved of The Fox Nation:
Here it is from 2013, if you're scoring along at home:

And the usual suspects (TWT, the Heritage Foundation and Fox):
In case the party faithful should be tempted to take it easy, this is their warning: The enemy never rests!

We could give the last word to Richard Hofstadter: "History is a conspiracy, set in motion by demonic forces of almost transcendent power." Or, to bring Conan the Barbarian forward to the age of visual framing: Demons are often summoned by the mention of their names, but images move you up in the search rankings a lot faster.


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