Saturday, October 22, 2016

Grave league

So did the Fair 'n' Balanced network think "bigly" was an actual directive from the Dark Tower, rather than just a popular misreading of Master's voice? Has the party press decided to dispense with grammar altogether and instead communicate by means of farts and tap dancing? Or is something else afoot?

A U.S. Navy warship on Friday passed through waters claimed by China near disputed islands in the South China Sea, the Defense Department said, drawing Chinese condemnation.

A department spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross, said the destroyer ship USS Decatur conducted the transit operation near the Paracel Islands. He said it was done "in a routine, lawful manner without ship escorts and without incident."

Let's not entirely let the AP off the hook. If "drawing Chinese condemnation" is supposed to go with "warship passed through waters claimed by China," the attribution is badly placed. (Since the US and China seem to agree on the basic sequence of events, we could simply leave it until the second graf.) And jargonizing isn't a sign of a healthy, independent press. File "conducted the transit operation" with "executed a search warrant"; if the cops searched a house, say so. But the hed is solely Fox:

A Chinese defense ministry statement called it "a gravely illegal act" and "intentionally provocative." The Chinese navy sent a guided missile destroyer and an escort vessel that "spotted and verified the American ships and warned them to leave," the statement said.

How we got a "'gravely' act" out of that is a question for the ages (though with Halloween at hand, maybe we could ask Sir Graves Ghastly). How we got the morning's top story is a different matter. Fox doesn't seem to know that this is the sort of thing that big powers do sometimes. If China puts up a "no smoking" sign at the Paracels, it should probably expect the occasional destroyer to stand next to the door and blow a little smoke inside. Which seems, literally, to be what got Drudge so excited last week:

Funny, whoever's taunting whom, it's still a sign of the Kenyan usurper's fecklessness. What do you say, Fox commenters?

Who authorized this, and for what reason?

Has Obama learned how to pronounce Corpsman yet?

China built those islands with sand. Obama helped build them with wimpy Democrat leadership.

Hillary had to quit as secretary of state because her poor decisions were ruining her chances of being queen bee.

hillary hired violent agitators 

See she's creating jobs already. 

lil ole 250 year old America didnt last long on the historical stage....bye bye America

and on this point you will get no challenges because that is the idea.  Globalism is the goal. America becomes a colony again.


If you want to hurt China,  don't shop at  Walmart.

I thought Obama and Hillary had made the world our best friends, guess they aren't afraid of Hillary becoming president. Good thing Russia and Iran are on her side, oh yeah that's right they aren't concerned about her either. I'd move my kids to Canada unless you like fighting for the lying elite cause the elite kids aren't going to fight for you.

The Chinese probably own a big part of the hag, just like the ME countries. We already know Russia owns over a hundred million shares of the hag too. We need to sell off our shares and send her to one of her new owners.

Iran backed forces attacking US ships and now China . Obama and Hillary have screwed up everything they have touched . 8 years ago no one had the courage to do what we see happening everyday .Weak incompetence lacking any form of executive leadership abilities 

obama created jobs to sell fried chicken

And Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for all the Peace he was going to bring to this world.  They were so sure that they gave it to him before he had done anything.  Well they are still waiting.  And now Hillary wants to carry on Obama's policies.  Please vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 putin cares more about america than hillary

How many Patriotic Americans will read this story and then go right on out to Walmart and fill their basket with goods made in China?

The U.S.S. Obama will be a Gay Pride parade float.

So Russia and China have formed a powerful alliance. Now they are in talks with bringing in India and the Philippines. Also Russia has also made better relations with Israel then the US. If you think Russia is just some pushover you are dead wrong.  

Russia has just sailed warships past the UK.  Russia and China are allies, so maybe we will see a flotilla of Russian ans Chinese warships sail along the US east coast?

The diminishing of America's status as a world power is the direct result of our failure to stand behind our promises--not only to our enemies, but to our friends...and, inevitably, we will run out of money to pay off those who blackmail us.  A nuclear confrontation is simply a matter of time, but we need not worry about the outcome.  Our enemies will launch an all-out attack, while America's "rules of engagement" will involve so many of our bureaucracies, each trying to mitigate the effects of America's having to defend itself, that the delay in response will seal our fate.  Perhaps, instead of concerning ourselves with electing a President, we should be voting to select which particular form of totalitarian government we would prefer to spend our future living under...after all, isn't that what the election, ultimately, is about?

maybe obama should give them his famous gay rights speech...

Obama has started us down the path to WWIII; Hillary will start the draft...if elected. 

World war 3 has already started.

Would this be called the "Red Line Effect"? You know Obama's red line which was 100% more transparent and meaningless than his administration.....Other countries pushing us to see how far we'll they can go, just like kid, but much, much more dangerous....we need to dump the liberals and the mess they got us into....

Enjoy your weekend, kids!

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