Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today in Kenyan Muslim perfidy

Because why talk policy, tactics or Carly Fiorina's obsession with the US 6th Fleet when you've got the usurper making his usurper-y face and saying ... what was it he said, Fair 'n' Balanced Network?

Three days after teams of Islamic State terrorists brazenly carried out raids across Paris that left 129 people dead, President Obama labeled the slaughter a "setback" in responding to questions about his policies.

Well, he did use just slightly stronger language, even if "the terrible events were terrible" is going to cost him a letter grade in J2100:

"There will be setbacks and there will be successes. The terrible events in Paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback," Obama said Monday.

But the point is the same: Western Civ is in peril, and the smirking Kenyan puts it off as a "setback." Do the comments just seem to write themselves?

129 innocent lives lost is a 'setback' to this freak?? What  a sorry POS!!!

Benghazi was a video and Paris is a setback.  Ferguson was a tragedy.

All these "setbacks" are hurting the "setback" in chief's GOLF GAME!

.....and uneducated people still have no clue why Neville Chamberlain was an international failure....

129 human beings dead and the best o-bozo can do is call it a setback? I am surprised he did not use these deaths to push gun control.

If OBOLA calls the Paris TERRORIST ATTACK a "setback", what would he call a TERRORIST ATTACK with a nuclear weapon?

For the French, the Paris attacks are an act of war. For Obama, the Paris attacks are a "setback." Neville Chamberlain would have loved Obama.

See a couple of trends converging here? There's the Kenyan's inability to call stuff what it is, and there's the Churchill-Chamberlain comparison: implicitly, that Real Men (OK, real white men) don't talk like that. Which suggests a comparison: What would Churchill do? Conveniently, we have some idea, because Churchill was a pretty prolific writer -- here, for example, writing to the prime minister of New Zealand in January 1942:

But who could have foretold the serious opening setback that the United States suffered on December 7, with all that this and subsequent losses of our two fine ships entail?

Well, that can't be right. Surely Churchill won't stumble when the subject is BENGHAZI!!!! Or would that be ...

Chapter II

   ... This retreat of nearly three hundred miles ruined our hopes and lost us Benghazi and all the stores General Auchinleck had been gathering for his hoped-for offensive in the middle of February. Rommel must have been astounded by the overwhelming success of the three small columns with which he started the attack.

Outrage appears to have a lot more to do with who you are than with the scale of your setback. There's much more to digest in the past few days' events, but if you're trying to figure out whether the knobs on the fear amplifier really do go up to 11, Fox is always a good place to start.


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