Sunday, December 28, 2014

Today in framing: A slight return

Speak of the devil and he will surely throw something into the archive that ought to have been in the literature review you just submitted. Here's the No. 2 story at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network on Sunday morning:

A sampling of emails set to be released by Jeb Bush from his years as Florida governor provides a glimpse of how he handled a range of high-profile issues -- from the state to the international level.

The emails to staffers and residents show how he dealt with such issues as the 9/11 terror attacks to the contentious 2000 Florida recount vote that decided the presidential election for brother and Republican nominee George W. Bush.

Bush said 11 days ago that he would release 250,000 emails, presumably to show Americans his leadership ability in times of crisis. The promise was part of a larger announcement that he will “actively explore” a 2016 White House bid.

Was it only yesterday that -- well, of course it was.



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