Friday, November 16, 2012

Today in agenda-setting

And what are those ungrateful Iraqis up to now, Fair 'n' Balanced Network?

A top Iraqi diplomat urged Arab states to “use the weapon of oil” against the United States because of its alliance with Israel, raising more questions about the Middle Eastern nation's allegiance to the nation that freed it from a ruthless dictatorship.

The shocking statement from a democratic government in power only after the U.S. and allies ousted murderous dictator Saddam Hussein in a costly and bloody war laid bare the Middle Eastern nation’s true allegiance.

I suppose that if more pesky questions were being raised in the first graf about Iraq's allegiance to the flag, it's a relief that they were set to rest -- which I suppose is what "laid bare" means -- by the end of the second.

In our second example, while the employer always "offers," it was clearly union goons what killed the Twinkie. And the long, dark night of the gulag draws ever closer.

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Anonymous Andy Bechtel said...

They unpacked their adjectives.

6:39 PM, November 16, 2012  

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