Thursday, May 03, 2012

Men-eating tiger

Quick, grammar fans, what's wrong with the Fair 'n' Balanced hed shown here? (Aside from the question mark and the "suspected," I mean.)

It doesn't take much in the way of substance to make the Fox front. Here's how the story explains the "possible link":

"We have no indication that there is any connection to Lauren's case, but we are certainly interested in anyone who comes to the attention of law enforcement for targeting women as victims," the department said in a statement obtained* by

... but when you're already fronting administration perfidy, Zombie Bin Laden and corporate scorn for Our Veterans, it must be hard to resist rounding out the perfect front page.

(We did have some discussion about an appropriate title for the post. I was leaning toward "That's right, Little Bill," but as is so often the case, Language Czarina had the better idea.)

* "Obtained." Stop the press!


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