Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No, but thanks for asking

If the worldwide OMG MUSLIMS!!!! conspiracy is quiescent for the day and both sides in the War on Xpesmasse are refitting, you can always fall back on the godless Communists. Unfortunately, answers to the Stupid Question in the creatively boldfaced hed range from "not really" to -- is it Anne Beatts we're paraphrasing here? -- "looks like a carrier, Bluto, only smaller."

The trouble with secret weapons is that they're supposed to be secret, and there seems to be hardly anything secret about this one -- not this voyage, not the first, not the appearance of the fearsome behemoth itself, not anything. It may yet be a mystery what the heathens in Beijing have in mind for it, but it's pretty clear what it's doing at Fox: Sign your kids up for those Mandarin lessons now, moms and dads, because this is what's ahead if the feckless Kenyan socialist wins another term!

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