Monday, October 24, 2011

Double vision

No, don't think so. At least, not according to the story:

The series of events started about 12:20 p.m. when two cars were involved in a collision on Beatties Ford Road at St. Paul Street. According to police, a patrol officer arrived to block traffic, and the officer's car was then struck by another vehicle.
So it may be true that "two collisions actually took place" (and, needless to say, that "police are investigating the two collisions"), but the officer pretty clearly wasn't injured in both.

It's reassuring to know that the good folks at ACES are aiming more attention at what the research process can tell us about the role of editing. Let me suggest a couple of broad points:

1) Time that goes into enforcing every bogus secret-handshake rule in the AP Stylebook is not well spent.
2) Time spent on taking a deep breath and giving the cop-blotter items a quick read for clarity and common sense before hitting the "publish" button, on the other hand, is rewarded. The people on the receiving end of our prose appreciate it.



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