Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three to beam up

Q: Even the Times?
A: Yes, even the Times:

An earlier version misstated the source for the term replicator, which Mr. Hart adopted to describe how e-books would allow for the infinite reproduction of books. It comes from the television show “Star Trek,” not the film “Star Wars.”

Regular reader Garrett wonders if this isn't the sort of thing that copy editors used to catch. Yes. Yes, they did. We can never tell whether any individual error would have been caught (that's life in the probability lane), but we can confidently say there's a higher chance this one would have been nailed in better days.



Blogger Strayhorn said...

And in better days, the desk would not have allowed "decimate" to be used to describe any violent action, including the action of a hurricane on the Outer Banks.

8:11 AM, September 13, 2011  
Anonymous raYb said...

I'd bet copy editors would continue catching this because they are up late enough to catch all those classics being rerun on cable.

3:00 PM, September 13, 2011  

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