Monday, July 18, 2011

Your love is like a ... wait, what?

Kids, this is why we don't let the National Weather Service write pop songs:

Martha and the Vandellas said love is like a heat wave. The National Weather Service's definition is five days in a row with temperatures of 90 degrees or more.

Love is like a heat wave! No, love is like five 90-degree days!

Detroiters can decide for themselves this week which definition they like better, as Motown is expected to top the temperature charts at 90 degrees or more through next weekend.

Well, there's your problem. We can't tell if we have competing definitions of "love" or of "heat wave." But neither is of much interest if you're trying to take the heat into account for the onrushing work week.

It's true that this is Motown and that Martha Reeves actually did serve on the City Council. Neither of those conditions requires a reach into the Motown catalog for a weather story. When you've painted yourself into a corner, ledewise, stop digging. At least until someone mixes some new metaphors.

And let's be realistic. This is a 250-word weather story. It doesn't have to be all writerly and stuff. It just has to be written.

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Blogger Strayhorn said...

I prefer "churning urn of burning funk" myself, if you're going to paste an otherwise unrelated phrase onto the lede of a story.

11:15 AM, July 18, 2011  
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