Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What ended when?

No peeking at the heds or anything: Who did what to whom, and which life of scams came to a bloody end when?

If you read Tuesday's paper, or if you hang on for the third graf, you have an important bit of knowledge: Alberta Easter died in prison at the weekend. She was 93 and serving a life sentence without parole for the murders in question. But I'm almost more confused than when I began. That case certainly wasn't a bloody end to her bizarre life, and the lives that did come to a bloody end weren't lives of "scams and schemes."

At the risk of indulging in rankest confirmation bias, this looks like another victim in the Global War on Editing. It wouldn't take much effort to rearrange the jumble of news cliches into something that said what it wanted to, but it would take some effort. Remind me again: Why are readers supposed to pay for this?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Served on? As in, Death stopped by her prison cell and delivered some legal documents?

11:58 PM, June 15, 2011  
Blogger Strayhorn said...

That's a news story? I thought it was a puzzle, like Jumble.

I will henceforth give you the (tm) for "Global War on Editing." Or would that be "Global Kenetic Action on Editing" in modern parlance?

8:21 AM, June 16, 2011  

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