Thursday, June 30, 2011

Local couple's vacation in peril

Breaking news from the top of the homepage!

Unfortunate Renter was settling into his new apartment in east Charlotte with his wife and two daughters Tuesday night.

They had just finished moving into a first-floor unit at Eagle Woods Apartments. But soon after heading* to bed, the "pow-pow" of two gunshots and screams coming from the second-level breezeway sent his daughter running into his room.


... Later Tuesday night, police say, several men in a black Cadillac sedan dropped a shooting victim at Carolinas Medical Center-University and left immediately.

... Detectives with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are investigating the case and believe the victim might have been shot in the area of the Eagle Woods apartments.

Sounds like a news story. But it doesn't sound like the one the hed is referring to.

* Not to be prescriptive or anything, but who had just headed to bed: Parents, daughters, gunshots or screams?

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