Thursday, January 27, 2011

The view from Planet Tabloid

We count on the tabloids sometimes to alleviate the unrelieved solemnity of the American press, but -- that's quite a little fan dance from the Post there, isn't it?

OK, granted. Everything goes better with a little pop-culture reference,* but what in particular is going on with this one? Is it just a fun way of teasing to the Oscar nominations at the bottom of the page, or are we dog-whistling the audience again? Let's ask the nice folks who commented on (entirely unrelated) stories at the Post's fair-n-balanced stablemate over the past 18 months:

he absolutely thinks that he is the king of america!! IMPEACH HIM NOW!!

The King and his followers shall dine on the finest of foods supplied and paid for by the peasants ..... Amateur, corrupt, arrogant userper. Unseal all your records Barry, that would be a thanksgiving treat.


I thought obama sounded and looked arrogant and rude. He wants to be king and I personally am not looking for a king to run my life.

To modify the song title just a bit: You've got to be taught, but you don't have to be very carefully taught at all.

* The News has nothing to do with this post otherwise. It's just there for random fun.



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