Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forbidden heds

Not to be distracting your vigilance from the great cliches of Xpesmastide (see John McIntyre's comprehensive list), but do bear in mind that heds of the form "Mr. ____ Goes to Washington" are permanently banned under all circumstances.

No formal ruling yet on heds of the form "Harry Potter and the ____  ____," but extreme caution is advised lest ye be caught with thy hand in the cookie jar when the trump sounds.



Blogger John Cowan said...

That's "lest thou", unless you are speaking Quaker plain speech (few Quakers do these days), in which case "lest thee" is correct. You can't address someone with the polite (or plural) "ye" and the familiar "thy" in a single sentence.

Or as Snoopy's advice to would-be World War I pilots says: "Stay out of World War II."

11:55 AM, November 21, 2010  

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