Monday, August 02, 2010

FOY 'ready'

The slow birdinating days of summer are still with us, but signs of fall migration season are at hand. There's one now, down at the bottom of the Denver Post's 1A feature: the first "Ready for some football" of the year.

Allow us to hope it will also be the last. Editors: Don't write "Ready for some football" (yes, it should be expressed as a question, but don't do that either). Don't approve it. Don't allow it to be spoken around the newsroom without snorts of derisive laughter. No "Tebowmania," no made-up records, and above all no "Ready."



Anonymous raYb said...

Do they ever say what the previous Tebowmania record was? Or do they just give the new Tebowmania record without saying how much it increased?

5:50 PM, August 03, 2010  

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