Sunday, June 28, 2009

Name and shame

Hey, see if you can guess who the Pistons drafted last week!

Right. It wasn't original as a 1A teaser Friday ("Daye Time"), and it wasn't original as a sports centerpiece (the rival "New Daye" heds, both appearing Friday), and it still wasn't original today (that's the cute inside feature at top, "Daye Care"). It wasn't original the first time the poor guy heard it. It wasn't original when Fred Flintstone looked across the yard and said "Whole new Daye, huh, Barneyboy?" And it's never going to be original. No sports hed that plays off someone's name ever will be.

Pete Wernick (I think) had a tale about a banjo contest in which one of the criteria was "originality." What's that mean? he asked. Oh, that's how close you played it to the original. Which, at least, is probably an improvement over the sort of originality that goes on in sports departments.


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