Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanna buy a bridge?

The (hem, kaff) liberal media seem to be taking the Fox bait quite happily:

South Carolina is at the center of a national grass-roots debate on Tax Day, with thousands expected to attend two rallies in the city today protesting the country’s tax burden and tax system.

Here's a particularly naive entry from the nest of commie spies at Stonewall and Tryon:

Some groups like “Fair Tax,” which seeks to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, will try to sign up members today. But there appears to be no common agenda other than reducing taxes and spending.

Let's have a look at the discourse and see if there's a "common agenda" in there:

Alleged columnist Cal Thomas: While the deficit last week raced past $1 trillion, the federal government and many state governments are trying to pry more of our money from us so they can finish creating a dependency culture from which we'll never escape.

Fox blogger Dan Gainor: It’s obvious the left understands. ... To see a grassroots movement rise up against Democrats’ crazy spending just a couple months into their mis-administration terrifies them.

Fox blogger Peter Roff: Just like King George III, Obama and the Democrats want to make us believe they are doing it for our own good and in our own best interests.

Fox blogger Andrea Tantaros: The message is simple: repeal the pork, cut taxes and cut spending. But there is much more at stake than the money. The impact these actions will have on our culture is key. Massive government control is a clear threat to our liberties and our values of American exceptionalism.

And that would mean?

As power is increasingly transferred to the government, it will seek to dilute and destroy our most precious values — from the sanctity of marriage to the right to bear arms, free speech and other fundamentals of our constitution. The Obama Doctrine seeks to do just that: strip power from people, put government — and ultimately the tenants of radicalism — in control.

Are things starting to sink in yet? It isn't the taxes.* It's the colored fella in Washington who wants to take all your money and impose European communist socialism and quarter British naval officers in your home so he can gay-marry your sons to them! WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!

You don't have to take the commentators' word for it. Fox has kindly put all its news coverage together for your convenience. You can find out how to organize a successful protest, which craven solons are sitting it out, how the liberal ACORNs are planning to identity-theft protesters so Obama can send them to Guantanamo -- everything a carefully orchestrated movement needs. As Fox has made clear, it might say spending on the surface, but it's all about the "intervention."** If you're still not clear on the distinction, I'm looking out the window at a really neat bridge that could be yours for a song.

I'm looking forward to the tea party coverage. I'm expecting careful crowd counts, lots of questions about the actual impact of tax rates, and quotes out the yazoo whenever the word "grassroots" appears.

* By the way? If your story forgets to ask the mad-as-hell protesters whether their federal taxes have gone up or down in the past two months, it's incomplete.
** Isn't it cool that "intervention" started showing up during the week that two states took the distinctly anti-interventionist step of not restricting marriage to opposite-sex couples? Reporters could ask about that when they're covering tea parties too!

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Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

mxrk has a couple of photos that make a nice contrast.

7:11 PM, April 15, 2009  
Blogger fev said...

Innit nice when photos actually do speak for themselves?

1:08 AM, April 16, 2009  

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