Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No, not really

So the last surviving newspaper in Denver is going to use its awesome frontpage powers to ... oh, right. Sorry we asked.

The AP story that birthed this gem is a monument to the journalistic biscuit game in its full-length version, but cut down to a six-graf News2Use special, it's something like two counties past stupid.

If nothing else, the hullabaloo over Michelle Obama's occasionally sleeveless attire has unleashed a torrent of clever puns from headline writers — the better to distract us from that economic news we would rather not be hearing.

Actually, no. If it's between economic news and Maureen Dowd writing about anything, I'll take the economy. (Although I'd rather the AFP guy at the press conference tonight had gotten a substantive answer about the Fractious Near East.*) Please, if you have this story lingering somewhere in a holding queue, quietly let it sleep the big sleep.

* And thanks to Fox for asking about the single world currency! You don't suppose that'll reflect badly on his J-school, do you?


Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

The single world currency question is very important to the "Obama just might be the Antichrist even if Tim LaHaye says he's not" crowd.

6:10 AM, March 25, 2009  

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