Saturday, December 06, 2008

Reply hazy: Ask again later

Tell you what. Since you guys can't make up your minds, why don't you give me the 50 cents and I'll provide the answers:

Sounds likely
Don't bet on it

Does that clear things up?

Really, though, this is one of those breathtaking, DiMaggiovian, tell-the-grandkids-you-were-there achievements in 1A hed writing.* Not two, not three, but four Stupid Question heds above the fold! (If you missed it, the fourth is "$1 gas?" in the armpit of the lead.) It'd be nice if newspapers calmed down and just told you stuff.

* True, the Freep has four bangers on the front today: "Win $2,500!" "Take the money and shop!" "Noel Night tonight!" "(Holiday) Lights, camera, action!" But they're all in reefers, one's below the fold, and Orlando has two exclamation points downpage anyway.

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Blogger Pete said...

Looks like Orlando would prefer 75 cents for the answers.

3:29 PM, December 06, 2008  
Anonymous nicole bogdas said...

that's my page! But you did make me laugh uncontrollably. I didn't even notice. And we charge a buck to curmudgeons. :)

12:01 AM, December 07, 2008  

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