Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hail the new

To all you usual suspects, and nearly all you unusual suspects, and most of the rest of you (except the obnoxious clown in Anhui who wants us all to buy some gold or something): All best wishes from me, Language Czarina, and the Official Research Kitties for a happy and prosperous new year. Thanks to all of you who have joined in the dialogue, and please come back often and encourage your friends to do the same.

Now, all hands stand by to splice the mainbrace.


Anonymous Lydia said...

Happy New Year to you from a reader in Florida. Where are you based? Thanks for all you do!

11:55 AM, January 02, 2009  
Blogger fev said...

And thanks for checking in! We're based in Detroit (with another office just up the Woodward corridor), but through the miracle of the intertubes and a shadowy network of agents, we can annoy working journalists almost anywhere.

4:18 PM, January 02, 2009  

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