Friday, October 17, 2008

They actually believe this stuff, you know

In case you were wondering:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Has Senator Obama made a deliberate and strategic decision to attack FOX News Channel? Senator Obama said this about Fox News Channel last night during the debate. ... Why is Senator Obama doing this? Joining us live is Bill Sammon, Fox News Deputy Managing Editor. And, Bill, we even got a shout-out tonight at the roast.
BILL SAMMON, FOX NEWS WASHINGTON DEPUTY MANAGING EDITOR: When it happens the third time in three days it's a trend and it's an intentional strategy. This isn't just accidental. This has made a calculated decision that if I beat up on FOX News that will excite the fringe left wing of the Democratic Party.
VAN SUSTEREN: He's already got that.
SAMMON: That's the thing. The other side of the strategy, you risk being seen as thin-skinned if--you know, if everybody in the media is in the tank for you and one media outlet is actually being balanced about you and asking tough questions but giving both sides of the story, and that bothers you to the point where you have to call that media outlet out, you look a little thin-skinned. He's probably right about the two or three points. And it's not because FOX is biased. It's because FOX is actually doing its journalistic duty and being fair and balanced about it.

Well, that's Fox for you: Why interview experts when you've got your own experts on staff? And real experts too -- hard-hitting veteran journalists like Bill Sammons! No doubt he excels at the biscuit game that is Fox-on-Fox commentary, but outside that charmed circle, the record really kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?


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