Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keep opinion to self

Among the ongoing signs of the Apocalypse is the utter inability of anybody in U.S. broadcast news to give the weather -- meaning to offer expected high and low temperatures within a range of 5 degrees F, chance of precipitation and what kind, and wind conditions -- without giving some sort of opinion about it. Honest. I don't care if you think it's going to be "just great" or "beeyoutiful" or "kinda icky" or whatever. I don't need help in deciding whether a nice day is nice. All I want is some data.

Is this just another pointless whinge from the old-media-dinosaur camp? I'd like to think not, and here's why:

Forecast: Great weather for Halloween
Here's one less headache for parents planning to take (or send) their children out for Halloween trick-or-treating this evening.

The weather will be nearly perfect.

Forecasters expect temperatures to be cool enough that children won't get too warm in their costumes, yet not too chilly. And there is no chance of rain.

Note, at upper right, the 1A lede story: "Drought crisis possible in March." Go have a look at the bottom of the front page for the fourth part of an eight-part water series: Sitting in the bow of a motorboat anchored near a cove in Charlotte's reservoir, I could easily imagine how we might one day run out of clean water.* Now try to imagine a more blinkingly stupid headline than "Great weather" for a forecast with no chance of rain. (Meaning, inter alia, that anybody who describes such a forecast as "nearly perfect" should be relieved of weather duties forthwith.)

Please. Give me data and spare me your opinion. Especially if your opinion is, like, clueless.

* No, I don't know why someone thought this would be a good idea to write in the first person. It isn't.



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