Sunday, August 07, 2005

It could. But then again ...

A major southeastern fount of knowledge is at it again:

Could find be biblical David's palace?
Scholars doubt claim but say discovery is rare and important

When your own sodding deck hed knocks down the main hed, maybe you should, you know, sort of consider another approach besides the question.

The heck of it is (and this is often the case), there's a fairly good and illuminating story lurking beneath the step-right-up-suckers tone of the hed. People have been finding what they wanted to find in Jerusalem since -- well, since at least Emperor Constantine's mom, whom we have to thank for the scrum at the Holy Sepulchre, among other things. As the article notes, what people are looking for and what they claim says as much as (or more than) any particular vast and trunkless legs of stone that actually turn up.

Let's stick, as a rule, to what's known, rather than what might be.


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