Friday, December 28, 2018

The chaff machine at work and play

Must be busy times during the holiday season at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network -- so busy that someone left the fair-n-balanced sauce out of the No. 3 story on Thursday afternoon. The apparent oversight was fixed ere long:
And Fox's reputation for scrupulous impartiality survives to fight another day.

The chaff machine, of course, is still turned up to 11. Here's the lead story from Friday morning:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team reportedly obtained a “nude selfie” during the process of investigating whether Russia colluded with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

An attorney for Concord Management and Consulting LLC, a Russian firm that has been in the crosshairs of the Mueller team for allegedly interfering in the election, made the odd claim in court filings on Thursday.

“Could the manner in which he collected a nude selfie really threaten the national security of the United States?” lawyer Eric Dubelier asked in a filing that supports a motion to compel discovery.

We continue in this wise for another seven grafs, though somehow Fox overlooks a detail from the story it rewrote from The Hill. Here's the WashTimes version:

Special counsel Robert Mueller is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for evidence of Russian collusion.

A Russian company is accusing the special counsel of having “collected a nude selfie” as part of the probe.

... The filing says the picture is among millions of records Mr. Mueller has collected as evidence but is not willing to disclose on national-security grounds.

Millions, you say? Takes some of the Naked Gunnishness out of the lede.

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