Friday, May 06, 2016

That missing album

Man, the stuff you lose when you move. Honey, did you file "Birds of Terror" under "McLaughlin" or "Mahavishnu"?

Really, though, enjoy Friday afternoon's No. 3 most-super-important tale at the Fair 'n' Balanced Network:

A Jordanian border official said at a news conference Wednesday that Islamic State militants are using homing pigeons to deliver messages to operatives outside its so-called caliphate.

Stop press!

Brig. Gen. Saber al-Mahayreh said Jordanian troops captured one of the pigeons sent by ISIS fightes in Iraq to a person in Jordan with a letter addressed to him. Al-Mahayreh said militants are using outdated ways to get its messages out, aside from using social media.

“The jihadists tied a letter with a phone number to the foot of the bird, which was flying to a Jordanian resident,” he said.

In its rush to keep the fear burner at a low boil, Fox manages to leave out the one mildly interesting part of the original Torygraph tale (red underscore in the original):

... without some hint of which, ISIS appears to have a bad case of "my uncle took a message and he wrote it on the wall."

And now, in so many more ways than one, your moment of zen. Turn it up.

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