Thursday, May 05, 2016


So if the thing that traps mice is a mousetrap ...

In a potential food poisoning scare,  the FBI says it has arrested a man suspected of contaminating produce at open food bars at several Ann Arbor-area grocery stores with a liquid spray containing mice poison, hand cleaner and water.

... right. Birdwatching, not birdswatching; flyswatter, not fliesswatter*; and mouse poison, not mice poison. You're supposed to fix things like that in the text, not amplify them in the hed. While you're at it, when you've said "mouse poison" and "sprayed on food," it's spray-painting the lily to tack on "In a potential food poisoning scare." Save the space.

And the online display? It doesn't help to say "allegedly" in the deck when the main hed says he did it.

* Though I'm starting to like this one.

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