Monday, November 03, 2014

Little lost story

Well, that's a relief. Imagine clicking the second most super-important story of the evening (left) and getting a big old case of File Not Found:

 No, but thanks for the tip. I wasn't really looking for random paranoia about Ferguson or right-wing babbling about the Fractious Near East. I wanted details on that gun-grabbing TSA. Thankfully, the link was restored shortly after midnight; it looks as if Fox was just trying to smooth out the British English in the hed (so now the TSA "seizes," rather than "seize," dozens of guns), and the story itself is intact:

Dozens of guns were confiscated in October from the carry-on bags of pistol-packing passengers trying to board planes at major U.S. airports.

Last month the Transportation Security Administration screeners found 181 firearms in carry-on bags at airport screening points around the country. A total of 157 were loaded and nearly a third of those had rounds chambered, according to the TSA Blog.


Pesky gun-grabbing libruls! Always trying to keep the guy next to me from having a loaded handgun in addition to a smartphone. Or, as The Economist put it a few months ago in what is certainly one of the best ledes in history:

Have you ever stood in a steamy, crowded bar, jostling other patrons to catch the bartender's attention, and thought: "This would be more fun if everyone in here were armed"? If so, Georgia is the state for you.

The rest of the Fox story, of course, neither especially original (it's a rewrite from an official blog) nor especially interesting -- even if, like Your Editor, you've left a favorite pocketknife in a carryall after a long road trip and forgotten to take it out before packing for a flight.* But it's not there because it's interesting; it's there because of what the readers get to say!

Remember this is a Govt. Agency giving these reports and as of lately the administration is on a roll for telling big whoppers!

And what does the govt do with the confiscated Guns? Give them to Mexican Drug dealers!!

Made up b.s. to cover all their ineptness. I don't believe one word coming from this administration.

I've learned the government makes up numbers that fit their agenda.  Have you not heard of the under-inflated unemployment rates published since 2008? They're bogus or manipulated but never accurate.  TSA, don't they fall under Homeland Security? Follow the chain of command UP.  Do you trust anything that is said? I, for one, DO NOT.

It wasn't a gun that brought down 4 airplanes... but a gun might have had a small chance of stopping it....

The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms - there is no right to operate a motor vehicle. Concealed carry permits are one thing - registering all one's guns is the first step to disarming Americans.  Now THAT'S scary, bub.

Glad to know Fox wasn't in the tank for the Kenyan after all.

* Well, that was stupid.


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