Sunday, October 26, 2014

I couldn't either

News language is nothing if not imitative. Rather than looking up all that pesky grammar and style stuff, it's often easier to fall back on what the other guy is doing. If Drudge randomly drops pronouns and the heavens don't darken, might as well try it yourself -- particularly when the count is tight.

Now, what do you suppose made a rewrite of a local cut-n-paste from the real estate listings the fourth most super-important story of the afternoon? Well ... Chicago, gangsters -- maybe the commenters can tell us!

At least it wont need the cleaning that the White House will.

Perfect for Obama and the clan. Nothing bur American hating thugs

Make it into a crematorium so Obama's dead voters cannot come back and vote !!!  That place will hold a lot of liberal criminal ashes.

Perfect retirement home for the Obama's;   a real good fit.

Obama should buy it.  I'm sure he will feel right at home since he is the Mob Boss of the Democratic Party!

The city could buy it and turn it into the Obama Presidential Library, One Gangster to Another.

Well....Obama's hero Saul Alinsky was buddy buddy with ole Al....Perhaps he should buy the house for his presidential library.

AND name the library , for Obama...............

E njoy  B araque  O bama's   L egacy   A merica

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