Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pronouns awake

Was it only six months ago that our friends at Language Log were confident enough to make this observation?

The varsity commentariat seems, for the most part, to have given up on the "Obama is a narcissist because pronouns" meme — we haven't heard this recently from George Will or Peggy Noonan or Charles Krauthammer or Stanley Fish.

Like mouse poop under the fridge, signs of awakening are here.

In 2009, he flew to Copenhagen to give a speech about himself (he referred to himself 26 times in 48 sentences), expecting this to enchant the International Olympic Committee into awarding Chicago the 2016 Games. Unenthralled, the committee eliminated Chicago first from the competition.

And all this felt like an antidote to Obama—to the imperious I, to the inability to execute, to the endless interviews and the imperturbable drone, to the sense that he is trying to teach us, like an Ivy League instructor taken aback by the backwardness of his students. And there's the unconscious superiority

What's this week's puzzle challenge, Alex? Using only letters that can be found in "unconscious superiority," in order, and doubling one consonant, name the adjective that Peggy Noonan really wants to use! Answers are welcome in the comments.

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Blogger The Ridger, FCD said...

What is "uppity"?

Did I win? (Not that it was very hard)

10:46 AM, April 27, 2013  
Blogger fev said...

AAAAND a year's free subscription goes to The Ridger!

10:47 AM, April 27, 2013  

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