Friday, March 01, 2013

Life imitates Com3210

No sooner do you get done lecturing about the Teemortal Sin of making hed puns on athletes' (or anyone's) names than someone goes and provides a fresh illustration.

So ... no. I don't get "harassed" out of "Harris-ed" (partly because of the hyphen), and I can't see defeat as something you could be harassed into (unlike, say, climbing up the water tower to paint BEAT DOOK in giant orange letters), and I don't get why I'm looking at a picture of some guy in blue and reading about Ryan Kelly if the hed is supposed to prime me for Joe Harris's big night.* Please don't do this again.

And a note of thanks to all you patient readers who keep checking in and supplying notice of fresh outrages.  Regular postings resume sometime soon.

* The linked version of the story is from the N&O; the screen grab is from Charlotte. In the era of editing hubs and merged sports sections, the demons chuckle and yell for each alike.



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