Friday, June 25, 2010

Thanks, liberal media!

Quoth a hed in today's letters column at the Foremost Newspaper of the Carolinas:

Act now to prevent Iran from gaining more nuclear weapons

Slight problem. A precondition of getting "more" nuclear weapons is having some nuclear weapons in the first place. If the Obs (bastion of forward-looking Near East reporting that it is) has this one pinned down, we probably ought to be thinking about a 1A story -- not up there with the John Wall teaser or anything, but maybe somewhere nice and genteel below the fold.

Stop me if this is a surprise. People don't always read critically. They remember what they read or heard after they've forgotten where they read or heard it. They're often not very good at discriminating between evidence and assertions (and it's worth noting that the letter, at least as edited by the Obs, doesn't assert that Iran has nuclear weapons).

So anyway -- thanks, liberal media! If this is what the dictator-coddling weenies of the international left do, you have to wonder why we even need Fox.

We look forward to the correction.

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