Saturday, October 31, 2009

Love the hardware

Well, here's a new touch on the dreary Halloween 1A feature! We don't just work in the tedious local angle, we tell you what you need from the Radio Shack:

For ghostly goings-on, paranormal researcher Joshua Snipes ranks Lincoln County right on top.

While recently filming a documentary about haunted historic places, he felt someone, or something, looking at him.

Nothing was there, but his ghost-hunting thermometer and electromagnetic meter went crazy.

That doesn't sound very empirical. Can we do better?

At Lincoln County's cultural center, spectral readings soared in the former church sanctuary where weddings and funerals were once conducted, Snipes said.

A "supernatural gateway," he called it.

In a photo taken outside, he spotted a small child at a window enveloped by "echo mist."

Ghostly readings also were high at the 19th century Madison Iron Furnace and the old Lincoln County jail, Snipes said. As he and co-producer Terry Huss wandered through the jail their cell phone service died and temperatures shot past 90 -- a sure sign of paranormal activity, Snipes said.

I had a car like that once too.

Anyway, season's greetings to all our friends and their familiars. Set your clocks back, rotate your tires, and don't forget to report those effect sizes!


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