Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday morning hed roundup

Must have been a rough Sunday night at the nation's newspapers:

If the teacher's a man, the boys do better -- and vice versa
Raleigh N&O
Meaning what -- if the boys are a man, the teacher does better? Try not to have us drawing diagrams on the cereal box before the coffee's ready, OK?

Teacher's gender affects results?
Charlotte Observer
Same story, different blunder (somebody seems to have forgotten that questions in English tend to need auxiliary support). The question mark is in no way a form of attribution, but at least it's an effort.

Plane took off wrong runway
Savannah Morning News
Er, no. It might have taken off from or on the wrong runway, but "take off" doesn't want a direct object here.

Death penalty is unlikely for Karr
Boulder Daily Camera
Maybe. But do you think we might want to mention that before we get to this discussion, a few other things have to happen? Like, he has to be charged? And convicted?

Poll: America not ready for next disaster
The Columbian (Washington)
Regardless of what you think about the merits of polls, this isn't the sort of a question a poll can answer. Nor does it seem to be the question the poll asked, which is whether people think thge country is ready for another major disaster.


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